Fantasy Scene
For Nullification

The Making Of "IT"

Written by boy Terry

Scene 1

boi terry is dressed in his leather chaps with red stripe down right leg, 5 point harness, leather loin cloth and boots, with a red and yellow hanky hanging draped over right side. And also having his black and red flogger attached to the hook on right leg. He gets into his car, and drives to town to his favorite leather bar.

Entering a leather bar, for a night out, boi terry goes up to the bar, orders his beer, and heads for the back room. Boi terry finds himself in a sling, getting his hole fucked and fisted by several of the hot men that saw the boi enter the bar.

Scene 2

Unknown to him, someone dropped a mickee in his beer. When boi terry gets out of the sling, he takes a big swig of his beer. Only to be hit very quickly by the drug that was dropped into his beer.

At this point, boi terry is picked up, and carried out the back door of the bar, unseen by anyone, and put into a van, stripped, and fisted by 3 men in the back of the van while knocked out by the drug. Arriving at the the destination, boi terry starts to come out of the drugged state that he is in, only to be given another drug to keep him in the groggy state he is in. boi terry feels groggy, but also feels weird in a way, as his boi hole is stretched wide and deep by the men that have already heavily used his hole.

Scene 3

While at the destination, boi terry is taken out of the van, carried gently by his captors, stripped completely and placed on a fuck bench, and restrained on it. Boi terry notices that all of his captors are wearing hoods, but that's all he can see, so doesn't know who anyone is. Once fully restrained, he is fitted with a funnel gag, and fed his first load of many of beer piss. As the pisser is pissing into the funnel, boi is told that he's going to be drinking a lot of beer piss and his hole is going to be very heavily used. More so than it received in the van ride over here and at the bar.

Scene 4

Then boi terry starts to feel the pressure of a fist being pushed into his pig hole, but not knowing the depth of which the arm is at. At this point, the bois head is gently pointed to where he could see a television that is showing the bois hole being used/abused and generally opened very wide and deep by the men who are his captors. He is also told about an arsenal of dildos that will be used & attached to a fuck machine in his hole making the boi hole wider and deeper than its' ever been.

Scene 5

boi terry feels a sharp pain for a split second in his nuts sack, followed by one in his groin area then another. Then notices that his entire genital area has gone numb. Meanwhile after all the men have relieved themselves of the beer piss that they all had for the boi, both down the bois throat as well as up its pig asshole and all over the boi they push the fuck machine over behind the boi and position it to where it will go straight into the bois hole. They mount a dildo on the fuck machine that is, by most standards, large measured at over 6 inches in diameter and 18 inches in length. They position the dildo to the opening of the bois hole and push it in. Then the fuck machine is turned on, and the fuck motion is turned up almost to full speed. Through the numbness in the bois groin, the boi feels something placed on his cock, only to realize that it is a milking machine that has been turned on to milk the bois cock of all of its cum.

Scene 6

Unknown to boi terry, his owner is a part of what is happening, but boi does not realize this. After the fuck machine has been changed of several dildos, each larger than the one before it, the boi is taken off the fuck bench, and placed in a cloth sling, and fully restrained. At this point the bois cock has been catheterized, and the tub has been placed in the funnel gag. Then the boi starts to swallow piss, only to realize that the piss he is drinking is his own. His captors start to use and abuse the bois asshole which has been stretched wide and deep.  he watches as his hole is repeatedly double fisted, foot fucked, dildo fucked, pissed in repeatedly. At this time the boi notices that there are more than 1 camera watching the boi.

Scene 7

Several hours have passed, when the boi notices that one camera is pointing directly, with a very close up shot of the bois groin area. At this time the boi watches as he is given yet another shot directly to his groin to make the bois groin and cock and balls completely numb yet again, as it was starting to wear off from the previous shots he was given. Then the boi is given something to drink other than piss that makes the boi get sleepy.

Scene 8

Just as the boi starts to fall to sleep, he sees 2 men in scrubs walk into the room, where the boi has been heavily used and abused, made to cum more times than any one man would cum in a months time. The boi notices that the man in scrubs starts cleaning around the bois groin, unknowing that the area is being sterilized by the men in the scrubs. This is all that the boi remembers.

Scene 9

Several hours later, the boi wakes, finding himself with a IV drip having been placed attached to an IV machine which has a box with a button under his hand. At this time, the boi is fully restrained to a hospital bed. The boi feels that his asshole is stuffed with a very large butt plug keeping his kunt hole open wide and ready for use. But the boi is not uncomfortable with it in his hole. As the boi is curious about the button under his hand, he presses it, only to be given a dose of morphine. As the morphine takes affect, he feels the rush of warmth wash over him. Just as he is starting to doze off again with the morphine in his system, he notices that his Daddy is at his side watching over him, and reading a book to pass the time while the boi sleeps.

Scene 10

The next day, the boi wakes...only to find that his restraints have been removed. But the bois hole is still stuffed, only this time, it notices that the stuffing feels larger. Then the boi realizes that the plug that was in his hole has been replaced, while the boi slept, with a larger butt plug. At this time the bois' Daddy notices that the boi is awake, and Daddy said to him, Hello my boi. Son, if you can hold off on hitting the button on the box that has been under your hand, it is time for the boi to know what happened. I have had you castrated with a full Penectomy. Both your cock and nuts are gone. You are no longer a boy, but you are an IT. I have decided to give you a new name to reflect what you are, and that is (Daddy chooses a name here, for real), and that name is engraved on your collar and your dog tags. You will be kept in a sling for use by me or my friends at any time, or in a cage when not in use. I will share you with my other friends, and even use you in public. You will eat and drink from your dog dishes, which I have also had your name engraved on to. I will be your owner for the rest of your life boi. You will not be released for any reason or sold. The boi replies with a very grateful hank you, my SIR for giving the boi his most desired wish, SIR, as it holds back the tears. The bois Daddy says, you are very welcome boi. From now on you are nothing but a fuck hole, cum dump, urinal and hand puppet, to be used by me daily, and if I so choose to share you with any one of my friends, you will perform for them as you would for me, boi, Is that perfectly clear? The boi replies, es SIR, thank you SIR Daddy SIR may boi please press the button for more morphine as the boi is starting to hurt SIR. Daddy then replies, ere boi, let me help make you more comfortable At this time, Daddy reaches under the boi and pulls out the 9wide butt plug that has been in the bois hole for 8 hours. The boi then feels that his hole has not shut, but is wide open. Daddy orders the boi to roll over on his side and Daddy slides HIS hand up the bois hole to the elbow without the use of lube.

Scene 11

Several days have passed as the boi was in recovery, being watched over by his Daddy and the doctors that did the surgery of removing his cock and nut sack. Then, at mid afternoon, a doctor comes in and tells the Daddy that the boi has healed nicely, the movie that was created during the bois transformation is complete and has been made into a DVD, without titles of course for your decision within the next several days. This video will make you a lot of money, for you to take care of your pig boi the way it needs to be taken care of. At this point, the pig boi clears its throat and asks, if there is a way to view it here and now. And also if the boi may choose the title of the movie itself. The doctor and its Daddy agree on the choosing of the name of the video by the boi. The DVD is placed in the DVD player, and then tell the boi that all it has to do is turn the TV on as its' ready to play.

To be continued in real life by the Daddy who owns the boi and the boi with no cock, no nuts, just a hole to piss from in the bois taint area.